About us

Hi my name is John W Preston, Principal operator of Insight Property Solutions. Bringing 12 years' experience in the municipal building inspection sector. With that I bring an in-depth knowledge of the Ontario Building code, Electrical Safety code (ESA), Ontario plumbing code, Ontario building code part 6 heating and ventilating and cooling. Several course have been taken over the years from the Ministry of housing and municipal affairs ( part 7 plumbing all buildings, plumbing basic, part 9 the house (structural), part 6 heat, ventilating and cooling, Chief building official legal powers and duties. Also Ontario building official's courses were also taken to upgrade knowledge (part 9 structural, part 9 building envelope). Other seminars include 3-M fire stopping courses for commercial and residential, Kent truss seminar on the proper way to install trusses and how they should be repaired if broken. Seminar from Jagger on Paralam beams, LVL beams and other Professional Engineered products by Jagger. Logic's course on insulated concrete forms for bellow and above ground application.

Cambrian college home inspection courses on roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling parts one and two, interior, exterior, insulation and there interiors, structural, and communication of a residential and commercial inspector. Member of the Ontario (Canadian Association of Property Home Inspectors), Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.

John also brings 10 years' experience in the plumbing and electrical trade. Also played a key person of the interest at Preston Electrical Mechanical (Plumbing, Electrical, Contracting and Administration).